Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NEW!!!! ****DJ FrozenSteps- LOST (Clean Version)

DJ FrozenSteps in da house~~~

RED HOT NEW!!! **LOST in my mind (feat. DJ FrozenSteps)

WALKIE TOKIE feat. DJ FrozenSteps- LOST in my mind

LOST in my mind
Music is in the house,
No fucking stranger.
Music is in my pulse,
My wicked soldier.
Music is in my soul,
Why bother sober?
Music is in the house,
No fucking stranger.
I’ve been blinded for these lies!!!
I can’t hide from my life!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NEW!!!! Some said (Demo Version)

Some said
Sometimes I'll have these feelings crashing on day after day.
Some say is just a part of how you feel about tomorrow.
Someday I’ll dash these feelings on the wall with pain and the blame
Some say is never funny when you are the one to be blamed.

Some say what have to say so just to stay as part as the play.
Some say a bunch of thoughts but never do a damn thing about it.
Some did what has to be done coz they mean their words anyways.
Some say for what you did that matter most and they understand.

Cold as the bullet goes through, who are still telling the truth? Who will be the next to carry on?
Doom as the bloody war wounds. As the blood begins to fade, and who will be the next to blame~ on?

Some say the world is cute but why I see the blood’s everywhere?
Some say we’ll never get what we want most, forget about it!
Some say we’ll never know what’s hitting us unless we get there.
Some say whatever f*** that you will say, I don’t give a damn.

*Say NO to violence!!! TQ :)*

Lost n' found