Saturday, November 19, 2011

Charity 2011

Followin' photos provided by: very talented Mr.Lim York Seng, cute yet serious lovely Ms.Ng Shirley & the one n' only Mr.Zac Cun

"I don't wanna be something that you want me to be; I Just need to live with somewhat that I meant to be!!!"


Camera dude fucking laugh! Anyhow...

Fucking cool people... Nice to meet y'all!!!

I have not much regret. Coz me just met a Mr. "Clint Eastwood" :)


My god she's sweet....... :)

Oh fucking no!!! Dim lights, soft music, and two people gettin' close. (Reckless Puppetz: Guitarist Jack Anderson n' drummer Kean....)

3 some... 

Oh my.....


Don't cry (Reggae mix) by Reckless Puppetz 2011 (Guns n' Roses cover)

Original composing I (Don't wanna be you) by Reckless Puppetz

Reckless Puppetz- I (Don’t Want to Be You) lyrics

I can’t really feel my body
Teasing, mockeries... . that's all y'all feeding me.
Give up, Give up, give up??
I wanna give up
Picked up, pick up, pick up??
Never been picked up
Give up, Give up, give up??
Why wanna give up???
Picked up, pick up, pick up??
Everything's so fucked up!!!
I don’t want to be something that you want me to be
I just need to live with somewhat of what I mean to (be x5)
Feel so lonely n' I’m not the same,
Why you hate me coz I’m not a freak!!
Fuck you hypocrites talking life talking shit (x4)
I don’t wanna be(x 4) ~ YOU!!!  

You sick fuck~!!!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Those days...

Be able to retrieved two of the songs that I've been managed to saved... Looking back i did a lot of crazy stuff. Time does flies :(

 倔强+听不到 (五月天Cover) 2008 DistanceD n' WalkieTokie:

  DistanceD n' WalkieTokie- MayDay Medley Cover by WalkieTokieCover

SHR n' WalkieTokie- Kiss (KoRn cover) 2010 Raw Jamming version

  SHR n "Walkie Tokie" Tok Phillip- Kiss (KoRn cover) by WalkieTokieCover

Lots of things can happen in the train.

Once in awhile or maybe for alot of people we hopped into train frequently. Sometimes we just so happened to hop into some crazy trains.

Train fight in NY City.

 ...still in NY, cat fight.

Hong Kong.... Two old folks fighting for seats.

This guy... He just spending his own time in train practicing Kung-Fu.... But still.......

Ever foresee the next step for giving up a seat for elderly people?  This old man from China fuck everyone up after he got the seat....

Well.... maybe he knows the China guy up there........

Friday, November 11, 2011


Depressing day reminds me of this depressing song. A free jam with my dear SHR friends they help me through alot during most of the time. Thank you guys. :)

  SHR n "Walkie Tokie" Tok Phillip- Kiss (KoRn cover) by WalkieTokieCover 

Lost n' found