Thursday, October 20, 2011

Remembering 陈贤妹

Still remember the hit and run accident over a young girl in China (Foshan) recently?

陈贤妹is an old lady who work as a part time maid (mainly does cooking for other families)  and collects recycle material for a living. She is the one who call for help after 18 eye-witnesses  walked by and did nothing. Now, this is what she gets for doing the right thing. This is what she gets after helping the young little girl; She has been criticized saving the girl ONLY for MEDIA ATTENTION!! REALLY?! Punishing her for saving a girl's LIFE? She's not a member of special ops she's just a normal citizen; how she supposed to save a life without creatin' any attention??!! SICK!!!

According to Baidu, Foshan is the origin among two most famous international martial arts icons Bruce Lee (李小龙) and Wong Fei Hong (黄飞鸿) of all time. They are both symbols of justice who inspired the world by their fearless determination of helping the weak and doing the right thing. 陈贤妹 did the right thing!

After watching her interviews, i feel sad for her. She doesn't even know how to impress the media. She once refer the media as "you people" while she was trying to explain that she have no clue that she will get so many  interviews and attention from saving the victim. And she somehow complaint that she was unable to collect the waste material if the reporters keep following her around. She never even have the patient to let the reporter to finish his regrading question. Yes, she whined about collecting recycle materials on tv. She DID! SHE REALLY REALLY DID!! :) What can she possibly get from this so call media attention? Oh by the way, she definitely deserves the reward after TRYING TO SAVE A GIRL!!! Just SICK to the stomach when they opened their mouth while they don't even know to differentiate DOING THE RIGHT THING or INTENTIONALLY CRAVING FOR ATTENTION!!!

Don't you cry because you did the right thing when the rest had chosen to walked away from it.
Don't you cry because of some non-sense- horse shitty criticisms (Well these are the words for em': BOOOOO~ HOOOOO~),  because most people are proud of you!!! Wishing you all the best and get your life back asap!!


"陳賢妹 has shown the world that only requires a pure kind heart to do the right thing."

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