Thursday, March 21, 2013

婚宴娱乐宝盒 2013

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各位嘉宾,隆重介绍我们今年的婚宴娱乐宝盒: DXpendables


    "walkie tokie" +Tok Phillip (托尔) 为先锋,我们是一群由歌手,乐手,以及各路表演者所组成的婚宴娱乐宝盒。直到今天,我们都在为我们的艺术与表演而奋斗。今年,各路人马将其聚一堂,但愿能够为您生命中其中一重大时刻锦上添花,让到场的亲朋戚友能够体验,及感染到到您的关怀,犹如所谓的宾来如归。


let us entertain you!

不在吉隆坡?我们有外卖! :)
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wedding Showcase 2013


Dear couples,

    "...if y'all still considering a wonderful gift for your guests, what could be more than a precious memory in this very moment?"

Ladies n' gentlemen, we are proud to present our wedding showcase for this year: DXpendables


    leading by "walkie tokie" +Tok Phillip , we are a group of performers who have been dedicated our life for music n' arts. Inspired by the movie "the expendable", we are now formed by groups of  vocalists, musicians n' performers from varies influences, not to mention by the support and also the contribution off stage by the industrious technicians n' also professional management expertise; Our ONLY goal is to bring you and your guests a wonderful experience during one of your most wonderful moment in your life. 

a QuickTour to our lineup

let us entertain you!

p/s: outstation? not a problem! :)
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Wedding Shocase LineUp 2013


in this following showcase, we provide grand opening, 3 major sessions of performances, a team of management team, and table guests to entertain your guests throughout the night. Unique? Let's find out :) have a quick look on our routines as below:

+Kaydren Leu

"...singing is a best way of express your thought, your feel, and to show your care and love. I wish ppl could be touched when listening to my singing. my voice that can tell story."
  • Finalist of Sungai Wang Talent Search Singing competition;
  • Finalist of Utar Idol;


Brief description:  
a modest soul, with his gentle voice. A quite man who appreciates low profile , but it doesn't take away the attention as his deliver the songs through their stories.

"walkietokie" +Tok Phillip

  • Soho Solaris@ Mont Kiara: Magician who makes you feel: Rosen Roy Opening FEB 2012;
  • Opening for Yamaha (Wangsa Walk) 2010;
  • Opening for Festival 2010 (UTAR);
  • Opening for Sxm and Sxxxia Grand Imperial Restaurant 2011......

"while hiding in this era, am fightin' to remember the desolating pleasure..."

Brief description: 
exposure to various art platforms such as experimental music has always been significant as he is touched by the beauty of the combination of art and commercial music. A unique voice to portray a unique story.

                                                                               +Chong May Ling
"Don't forget to rock for life."
  • Malaysian female Guitarist;
  • Guitarist for John's Mistress and Oracle; 
  • Session guitarist......
Brief description:  
an activist in local music scenes, professional guitarist is not enough to describe as she is also notable for her showmanship during as part of her signature during the shows. Frequent exposure to major events such as Asian Beats, Battle of the Bands, JRock no Tamashi... however, it has never taken away her humbly approach to reach out to her audience.


+Jusin Ang
  • EP feat (Lost & Gone From Your Memory & Fake Yourself) 2012;
  • regular contestant for battle of the bands, Asian beats......;
  • currently pursuing his master degree in movie n directing after obtaining his music degree year ago;

Brief description: 

a determine musicians and also a riffs experts from Malacca, by combining his knowledge and experience of  tone, soul n' personality can be described from the rhythm of his guitar.

And also (a) mysterious table guest/guests to entertain your guests throughout the wonderful time.

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